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Introduction & Background

Engineering student with a passion for embedded systems and prototyping. Knowledge of multiple programming languages for hardware and software development. Experience in team-projects. Contributor to open-source projects (documented on Always searching for a new challenge.


Embedded systems, Nano electronics, Circuit design, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, REST, GIT, SCRUM, Lasercutting, 3dPrintingn, Prototyping

Formal education

Academic bachelor industrial engineering sciences electronics & ICT

Additional information

JVM: I am experienced in a variety of Java API's and frameworks. I have worked with the NetBeans platform and have created an educational plugin for the NetBeans IDE. Through side projects I've also gained knowledge of Android and a variety of social APIs (Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc.)

Embedded Systems: I have experience with ATMEGA microcontrollers and Xilinx FPGA. Working on multiple projects has learned me to create modular systems with a variety of sensors and actuators.

Web development: I have created websites and have experience with Bootstrap. I've created a REST service that holds an inventory of my electronics lab.

Nano electronics: Experience with printable circuits, OLEDs and Solar Cells.

Lasercutting: I have worked with the Trotec 100R and its rotation-module.

3D-printing: I use OpenSCAD to create symetrical objects (like gears), other constructions are made with TinkerCad. I have experience with Leapfrog HS Dual Extrude, Felix 3.0 Dual Extruder and Ultimaker 2+.

Where To Find Me?